Noah’s Solar System

Recently Noah has been surprising everyone by not only recognising words, but actually reading new ones! That’s quite an amazing feat for a 2 year old, we think.

 It first happened when his dad was packing for a trip to Europe, Noah picked up a box of Colgate tooth paste and said out the words, “Colgate”. This was surprising as his parents always referred to it as ‘tooth paste’ and not ‘Colgate’. That means that he read it himself.

His dad managed to record a bit of that and you can watch it here.

Noah’s reading skills have progressed further and he recently read out the solar system.

He can read out earth, mercury and so on. Of course his pronunciation is not spot on but we know what he means.

See the video here

The whole family is looking forward to him reading more. Everyday he surprises them by reading out loud new words. They believe that his reading skills has definitely been helped by the pre school education that he has been receiving and Noah cannot wait for the summer break to be over so that he can hit the books again!!


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