It was Mother’s Day recently and like most families nowadays; Noah’s family also celebrated this unique and wonderful day. This was only Noah’s second Mother’s Day and all the more reason to celebrate with his ‘new’ mummy!

This year Noah’s dad decided to take the family to a resort in Port Dickson. Noah’s dad’s parents and Noah’s mummy’s mother also went along. It was a truly wonderful Mother’s Day with the three mummies together!


The resort was very nice, with villas on the water. Each villa also has it’s own private pool!


Guess what was the first thing that Noah did when he saw the pool? Yes he wanted to jump in! You can say that Noah loves water and cannot resist a swimming pool! He immediately looked for his floaties and swimming outfit. Before you know it, he was in the swimming pool with mummy in tow!

In Port Dickson, the family spent most of their time talking, swimming, walking by the beach and of course, eating!!


mummy6 mummy7

The restaurants in Port Dickson were amazing! “Was it something in the air or the water?” the whole family said with a smile. They especially enjoyed the Chinese food and Thai cuisine at the PD Waterfront.

All in all, it was an enjoyable mini break for everyone. The whole family agreed that a simple break like this can help strengthen family ties this was because everyone is more relaxed on a vacation, allowing for easy conversations, which naturally help strengthen bonds. And not to forget, they also get to take home fond memories of the trip, and of course, photos to treasure!

The time spent together also helped Noah’s learning process as he picked up a few new words and also experiences with the time together with his parents and grandparents. So the general family consensus was – to go on more family vacays this year!!



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