Home In The School Program (HITS) ( 2 – 6 Years )

“Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school, but for life.”
– Maria Montessori

Program Overview

Where education, care, and play come together. To teach the child to be independent by providing a homey environment that allows them to explore their interest and rest their minds. This program is catered to working parents and those parents who would like for their children to be in a school where they are able to socialize with others, engage in various activities, whilst still able to relax, feel comfortable and are taken care of by our qualified, passionate teachers.

The objectives of Home In The School Program

Replicate Home in the school.

Playgroup and socializing for children.

Support system for working parents.

Purposeful engagement in leisure activities after school hours.

Develop independence skill – self-help skill, grace and courtesy.

Low teacher to children ratio to ensure your child gets optimum TLC (tender and loving care) needed for healthy social emotional development.

Provide a secure and safe environment for children to play and learn.

Activities which the children will be engaging in:

During this program, The Junior Academy will have activities prepared for the kids that will range from academic work to fun, outdoor activities. Although, we do allow the children to engage in activities based on their interest.

 Reading storybooks

 Manipulative play – LEGO, block, puzzle, etc.

 Leisure games – board game, social games (E.g. Hopscotch)

 Pretend play

 Montessori Apparatus exploration

 Sleep and rest

 SMARTBOARD education games

 Self Help (Learning to care for themselves)

Tea Time will be provided for children enrolled in TJA Program & HITS.

Tea time will be served for children in HITS.

Tea time is at 3 pm. We are a no pork & no peanut school.