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Educational Goals

Our Centre Philosophy

The Junior Academy is more than a Enrichment program. It is a community that nurtures each child’s unique talents to achieve their highest individual potential and develop into engaged, proactive and confident participants in society.

The Junior Academy aims to be a leading montessori & enrichment program center in Malaysia, utilizing the best in technology and educational research relating to early childhood learning.

In the pursuit of academic excellence, The Junior Academy strives to provide an enjoyable, interactive world-class enrichment program education within the renowned Montessori curriculum that fosters leadership, independence, creativity, social development and life-long love for learning.

The Junior Academy educators strive to provide innovative curriculum and learning environment for each individual child. Committed to high standards of academic excellence, The Junior Academy dedicates itself to provide a place:

Where the child is accepted for his or her uniqueness and appreciate what it means to be part of caring community.

Where the child learns to respect the right of others and promotes the consideration of individual needs.

Where the child is provided an enriching environment and learns to bring structure and order into his or her life.

Where the child’s curiosity and love for learning is encouraged and nurtured.

Where the child receives a social academic foundation from which to build a lifetime of learning.

Where the child is nurtured towards independence and self discipline.

The desire to learn is innately present in all children.

Students will discover their own abilities and potential to learn when provided with an interactive educational environment.

Learning best occurs in context, and when connected to previous experiences with enjoyable learning activities.

Collaboration and cooperation are vital aspects of any learning environment.

The application of knowledge in creative ways, rather than the acquisition of facts should be the goal of learning.

To provide a holistic preschool experience, we must educate the whole child; socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Children should be given the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop in a climate of support and warmth, in their own time, and in their own unique way, independent of their parents.

The key to a great educational program is the teacher. It is important to have teachers who are qualified and trained, and share the school’s mission and beliefs.

While each centre is unique, reflecting its own philosophy, the teachers, parent-family community, the facilities and resources available are the elements that form the cornerstone of a great enrichment program centre.