Back to school!

After the year-end school break, which lasted for two weeks, Noah was super excited to go back to school this year. He’s had a nice long break where he and his family took short trips to different places around the country and now it’s back to school, a place he truly enjoys being at. He [&helli

Sporting Noah

Let us tell you something, in case you have not noticed from Noah’s Instagram account, Noah loves sports! Any kind of sports whether it’s football, swimming or even boxing! Noah’s parents like physical and sporting activities and naturally they include him in as many of those activities as pos

Noah At The Farm

One of the many activities that Noah enjoyed during the recent school summer break was visiting a place called Farm in The City in Seri Kembangan with his parents. Farm in The City, as the name suggests, is a farm right here in KL. There are so many interesting and beautiful animals, plants, as well

Noah Love Flags!

Even before he turned three, Noah showed a keen interest in flags, countries and maps. Nowadays we can say that his love has grown stronger! He can easily identify flags that sometimes his parents do not know about! We think that he is attracted to the different colours and designs but who knows, No