Welcome to The Junior Academy!

Our Class Schedule

These are the scheduled times for the start of the various classes and the after-school enrichment classes. The age indications are only used as a guideline for parents considering the number of hours the child should be in school. As all children are different and we encourage them to learn at their own pace, a comprehensive personalized evaluation of the child is necessary before placement.

Infant 1-2 years old Toddler 2-3 years old Junior 3-4 years old
Prep 4-5 years old Honors 5-6 years old

montessori preschool- infant program


12 months – 20 monthsMon, Wed & Fri
10 am – 12 pm


2 – 3 yearsMon – Fri
9.00am – 12.00pm


3 – 4 yearsMon – Fri
8.30am – 12.30pm


4 – 6 yearsMon – Fri
8.30am – 2.00pm


5 – 6 yearsMon & Fri
8.30am – 3.00pm

Holiday Camps

3 – 6 yearsMon – Fri
9.30am – 12.30pm

What’s Happening

The latest events coming up which includes holiday camps, talks/seminars, coffee mornings, celebrations, parent teacher conferences, parent observation week, concerts, field trips, fire drills, and so on.

Holidays Camp A3 Jurassic poster110417-01

Jurassic Planet
Discover the prehistoric planet and explore the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Holidays Camp A3 Space poster140417-01

Space Camp
Explore the solar system and learn about planets & stars!

Holidays Camp A3 Jungle poster110417-01

Down In The Jungle
Explore the forest, learn about animals & plants in the jungle.

Holidays Camp A3 OUATposter18-04-17-01

Once Upon A Time
Immerse your child’s imagination in classic tales such as Cinderella, Gingerbread Man, Goldilocks & The 3 Bears, 3 Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood!

The Junior Academy’s Montessori programs are based on the premise that children have an innate ability to learn and that when supported by an appropriate environment and educator, they are guided through their developmental needs to reach their full potential.

Authentic international Montessori curriculum.

Holistic and open concept natural environment to develop a life long love for learning.

Smart board enhanced learning, state of the art facilities, and international best practices.

Carefully selected qualified teachers supported by professional academic advisors and consultants.

Individual attention in low teacher-student ratios and customized learning.

Customized learning with a focus on multiple intelligence enrichment, fun ‘Got To Know’ Summer camps and activities.

Comprehensive reporting through the exclusive Montessori Compass on set goals and individual achievement.

Offering wholesome family oriented unique Home-In-A-School after-school care.

Opportunities to embark upon project based honors program.

Clean, safe and organized preschool environment dedicated to children ages 1 – 5 years old.


Leading Features

Adherence to international best practices, curriculum, and management. Employment of technology with interactive 75″ touchscreen Smart Board by industry leading company Smart Technologies.


Eco Place

An open concept, compact 3,600 sq ft of a living Montessori with an emphasis on natural lightings, being environment friendly, an exceptionally clean premises amidst a plants & living things filled surrounding.


Healthy Meals

A menu of kid-sized healthy meals available from a reputable restaurant upon request for all classes except for infants.


Children Safety

Two tier access security system for main classrooms, 12 CCTV security cameras, invisible grills at balcony, fire sprinklers throughout entire school, and turf with industry grade underlay.

“We both went to Montessori school. And I think it was part of that training of not following rules, and orders, and being self motivated, questioning whats going on in the world, doing things a little bit different …”

– Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Founders of Google