Dear TJA teachers,

My daughter Bella started her learning program in TJA when she was just 10 months old. She started from Infant Program, then to Toddler and last Preparation class before our family headed to Shanghai, China. Bella loves the school and her teachers. Even when she is now in Shanghai for about half year, she still remembers the things her teachers taught her. Personally, I think developing an interest and passion to learn at early age is the most important thing as our kids are at such a golden stage of learning that everything are being absorbed rapidly and naturally. The teaching program and staffs in TJA has really helped Bella to achieve that and even now Bella is in Shanghai, China, a city that is very demanding when if comes to academic. Bella is one of the top students and she id picked to be in advanced language path. Bella’s journey in TJA was filled with joy and also healthy challenge. Her leading teachers have been actively communicating to us to make sure we are fully informed of their teaching plan and Bella’s progress. There is a very good partnership and close tie between parents and the school. All the staffs in TJA are passionate with their job, patient and calm with kids. Everyday, I feel confident and assured when I send Bella to her school. I would recommend TJA to parents who are looking for high quality early education for their kids and who believe kids at this stage are capable of learning.