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“The greatest of the human personality begins at the hour of birth, so education must start from birth”
– Maria Montessori

Program Overview

Incorporated into this program is a structured Montessori Junior Toddler activity-based program. Junior Toddler interacts alongside an adult in a Montessori prepared environment to explore their learning. The program offers a variety of prepared activities and children will respond naturally to their individual needs.

Exposure to Montessori sensorial and language materials will build a foundation for confidence and independence for the child, which will be expanded upon in the Toddler program.

The aim of the Infant program is to accomplish the following

Foster the development of basic trust.

Assist in the natural development of personality, based on unique needs and wants.

Respond appropriately to the infant’s needs to be loved, respected, and accepted.

Nurture the child through their senses, increase vocabulary, and allow them to observe and move freely.

Maintain a routine that will be flexible to an infants’ daily needs, yet predictable so they feels secure and safe in the environment.

Establish a partnership/parental involvement with the family. The family is considered an integral part of the individual’s total development.

Develop a stronger sense of self, self-confidence and independence.

Curriculum Goals for TJA Montessori Infant Program

Includes helping infants learn to drink from a bottle, and then a cup and then to eat independently.

Allows the child to learn about the world through their senses with activities such as, touching, grasping various objects, imitation, anticipating familiar events, awareness surroundings, early concept of quantity, one-to-one correspondence, listening and responding, babbles and imitating sounds.

Language activities and materials to encourage using words, increase vocabulary and conversational skills.

Through song and dance, infants have access to a variety of large muscle activities that offer them opportunities to jump, climb, balance, crawl, or skip.