Football is Fun!

Noah’s Football Experience! Recently Noah dropped by the launch and friendly matches organised by the new Junior Premier League. As can be expected, any activity involving running out in the open will definitely make Noah excited!   After only 10 minutes, Noah’s cheeks were rosy and he

Noah in Redang – Part 2

Noah in Redang On the second day in Redang, Noah got to know the locals better. Especially the four legged variety! Noah loves cats and there were many on the resort. He would play catch with them untill they surrendered under the restaurant. In this video here, Noah was trying to coax a cat out [&h

Noah in Redang – Part 1

During the recent holidays, Noah’s parents took him to a beautiful island in the east coast of the peninsula, named Redang Island. Initially the parents were a bit worried about how Naoh would react because even though Noah has been to the beach in Penang and Port Dickson, an island holiday in

Mummy’s Day

It was Mother’s Day recently and like most families nowadays; Noah’s family also celebrated this unique and wonderful day. This was only Noah’s second Mother’s Day and all the more reason to celebrate with his ‘new’ mummy! This year Noah’s dad decided to take the family to a resort in

Noah’s Solar System

Noah’s Solar System Recently Noah has been surprising everyone by not only recognising words, but actually reading new ones! That’s quite an amazing feat for a 2 year old, we think.  It first happened when his dad was packing for a trip to Europe, Noah picked up a box of Colgate tooth paste

Earth Day with Noah

Earth Day with Noah Recently Noah accompanied his parents to an Earth Day event. A beauty company organized it and it was held in a popular shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. At the event, guests were showed how to recycle old plastic tubs into decorative pots for plants. Noah’s mum tried her hands at

Noah’S Art

Hello everyone! As this is our first entry in Noah’s blog, we want to talk about something close to Noah and our hearts – ART! Noah loves art! This is so true as ever since he could hold a pencil, he has been scribbling, doodling and basically creating all sorts of ‘artwork’. And

Noah’s Week Off

Noah had to take a week off school. Yes, that’s right. It all started when Noah’s parents decided to take him on a trip to Jakarta for an event. That was on a Friday and would initially mean that Noah would miss a Friday and the coming Monday because of the trip, but it ended […]