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How Does Socialization Affect Child Development? Socialization is just another word for play

Play dates and playground trips may seem like just a routine way to keep your little ones busy, but socialization is an important developmental tool. Every interaction your kid has helps him learn language skills, ways to cope with emotions and how to work within social norms. The concepts may seem

10 Tips on Teaching Respect to Children: You cant get it if you dont give it!

Children will take their cues from you. Simply put, if children are around respectful adults, they’re more likely to show respect, however, when they’re around disrespectful adults, they’re more likely to show disrespectful behavior. Yelling, cursing, grabbing, shouting over, and s

Growing Independence: Tips for Parents of Young Children

Children Love to Learn Open and honest communication will create a lifelong closeness with your child. Routines and responsibilities will let your child know what to expect. When a rule is broken, a natural consequence needs to follow. As you teach your child how to be independent, you also need to