Noah’s Fourth Birthday

Noah turned four years old last November 12th. My how fast they grow! To celebrate his birthday, Noah’s parents organised a pool and pizza party with family members. His grandparents, aunties and uncles and most importantly, his cousins turned up. Everyone knows that Noah loves the water and he ju

Noah’s Mandarin Class!

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Noah Learns Mandarin!  At the start of this new term, Noah and his parents were really excited to find out that his school, The Junior Academy in Mont Kiara, was introducing additional Mandarin language classes. The classes will be held twice a week after regular school hours. Now learning the Mand

Noah At The Farm

One of the many activities that Noah enjoyed during the recent school summer break was visiting a place called Farm in The City in Seri Kembangan with his parents. Farm in The City, as the name suggests, is a farm right here in KL. There are so many interesting and beautiful animals, plants, as well

Mother’s Day at Legoland!

For this year’s Mother’s Day, Noah decided to take his mum, Yasmin Hani to Legoland Malaysia in Johor. Well actually, Noah’s dad was working in Johor the day before and so the whole family decided to join him in Johor!        It was Noah’s first trip to Legoland and boy did he enjoy [&he

Noah and His Books!

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Recently we have seen a growing love for reading in Noah. Some of you may be aware that Noah has been reading words since he was only two years old, as can be seen here. And also in Bahasa Malaysia too as can be seen in this video The recent progress and improvements are very […]

Noah’s Mini Holiday!

It was Noah’s daddy’s birthday so the family decided to go away for the weekend. To get away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, Noah’s parents decided to go to a retreat in the middle of a forest in Negeri Sembilan. Eissa, Noah’s little brother did not go alon

Noah Love Flags!

Noah on bed with flags Feb 2017 2
Even before he turned three, Noah showed a keen interest in flags, countries and maps. Nowadays we can say that his love has grown stronger! He can easily identify flags that sometimes his parents do not know about! We think that he is attracted to the different colours and designs but who knows, No

Football is Fun!

Noah’s Football Experience! Recently Noah dropped by the launch and friendly matches organised by the new Junior Premier League. As can be expected, any activity involving running out in the open will definitely make Noah excited!   After only 10 minutes, Noah’s cheeks were rosy and he

Noah in Redang – Part 2

Noah in Redang On the second day in Redang, Noah got to know the locals better. Especially the four legged variety! Noah loves cats and there were many on the resort. He would play catch with them untill they surrendered under the restaurant. In this video here, Noah was trying to coax a cat out [&h